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Advertising with banner ads at Association Life is, pardon the pun, a banner idea! MyEZCondo Digital Marketing Solutions is ready to create effective and beautiful banner ads that will fit perfectly on the Association Life website. Even if you have no idea how to prepare an appropriately sized ad or craft a message that will create results, we are here to help.

There are three types of banner ads you will need to advertise on Association Life. Check out the ads that we have created for ourselves to run on the website:


Homepage Right (150px X 70px)


Homepage Left (225px X 225px)


Homepage Bottom (468px X 60px)

MyEZCondo Digital Marketing Solutions can provide one, two, or all three banner ads for you to use at the Association Life website. Banner ads cost $75 each to create or $200 for all three. You save $25! (Cost of displaying the banner ads on the Association Life website is not included.)

Just fill out the simple form below and one of our banner ad design experts will be in touch.